Quality Policy


The Company is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction to the best of its abilities and to ensuring that all internal procedures and practices are suitable for that purpose. In addition, the Company complies with applicable legislation and regulations as well as the recommendations and ethics of industry bodies to which it subscribes. This commitment extends to the continual improvement of quality and environmental performance together with the prevention of pollution.

To achieve this, result the Company has adopted a policy of operating a coordinated Quality Management System meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, by providing the framework for setting and reviewing management objectives and targets.

The Company appreciates and emphasizes to staff that the use of standard formats is a means of ensuring that quality standards are maintained to a consistent level thus meeting the needs and expectations of customers.

The aim of standardization is not to remove flexibility, which is certainly a requirement in our industry, but to provide a medium of documentation and communication relevant to the business in general and to a specific contract in particular. This ensures that the work undertaken can be monitored and audited in order to confirm compliance with the contract and the ISO standard.

Directors and Managers have the responsibility of ensuring that the policy is communicated and understood by all personnel engaged in tasks that can influence quality matters, that they are aware of their obligations under the standard and are provided with adequate, suitable resources.

The Quality Manager is authorized to monitor and maintain the Quality Management System and to report to the Company's Management Review Meeting on the continued suitability and achievement of quality objectives. The Company is aware of its responsibility to provide resources for the control of the Quality Management System including, where appropriate, competence, technology and finance. Maximum effort is directed towards providing satisfactory services whilst ensuring that any problems that do arise are resolved in an expedient and professional manner.