Flare Packages

The flare system is a system for discharging gas through a control valve from a pressured system to the atmosphere during normal operations. This discharge may be either continuous or intermittent. The flare system may include the flare control valve, collection piping, the gas liquid scrubber and gas vent.

Normally, gases discharged into the flare system are at low pressures and low flowrates. The back pressure requirements are not defined; however, flare systems should be designed to ensure that vessels and tanks will not be over-pressured and to accommodate the maximum volume that could be vented.

Flare systems are the main and most critical part of plants. They are used to eliminate waste gas which is otherwise not feasible to use or transport. They also act as safety systems for non-waste gas and are released via pressure relief valve when needed to ease the strain on equipment. They protect gas processing equipment from being over-pressured. Also in case of an emergency situation, the flare system helps burn out the total reserve gas.

We can accomplish design and supply of wide range of flare systems including:

  • Cold Flares (Vent Stacks) and relevant Firefighting System
  • Elevated Flares Self Supported, Guy Wired or with Derrick Structure
  • Flare Tips also with Smoke Suppression System by Steam or Air
  • Ground Flares up to 40 t/h
  • Horizontal Pit Flares
  • All Ignition and Control Systems
  • Sonic Flare Tips